Friday Workout: Thrusters, Pull-ups, Burpees

Don’t forget to RSVP for our Celebration Potluck this Sunday at 530pm!  We will be doing our annual Matt King Hero WOD on Sunday prior to the potluck at 4pm, and we’d appreciate it if you all (friends included!) came out for the workout to honor Matt King.



Level 1

Every 2 Minutes for 7 Total Sets:

  • Thruster x 5
  • Ring Row x 5
  • Burpee x 5-10
  • Rest for the remainder of 2 minute period

Level 2

Every 2 Minutes for 10 Total Sets:

  • Thruster x 5
  • Chest to Bar Pull-up x 5
  • Burpee x 10
  • Rest for the remainder of 2 minute period

Notes: Start light/moderate and increase Thruster weight each set.  Should be hard effort each set (i.e. not sustained 20 minutes)


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2.  Join us on April 19 at 530pm for our celebration potluck!

3 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Thrusters, Pull-ups, Burpees

  1. WOD:

    I took it easy. I did 5 rounds in 10 minutes, biked (at a leisurely pace) for 10 minutes, and then did the second 5 rounds in 10 minutes.

    Thruster weight: 95#

  2. WOD- up to 60#, c2b

  3. got up to 145# was tired

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