Tuesday Workout: Jump, Press, Clean, Squat, Run

This time of year we see a lot of our long time members pack up and move away due to graduation, new jobs, or other shifts in life, and we have to say our goodbyes. Oliver is leaving to start working towards his goal of becoming an Infantry Officer in the US Marine Corps, and will be starting his journey at Officer Candidate School this year.  Good luck, Oliver! You’re a natural leader and we are excited to see what you achieve!

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Level 1


  • Jump Rope Single x 60
  • Push Press (75/45) x 5
  • Power Clean (75/45) x 10
  • Air Squat x 20
  • Run x 200m

Level 2


  • Double Under x 30
  • Push Press (135/95) x 5
  • Power Clean (135/95) x 10
  • Air Squat x 30
  • Run x 250m

Notes: If doing L1, note the change in reps.  Must use same weight for push press and power clean, so scale appropriately.



1. Bring-A-Friend is back this Wednesday!  See HERE for more info.
2. Memorial Day “Murph”!  May 25, 2 class times: 10am and 5pm. RSVP HERE


14 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Jump, Press, Clean, Squat, Run

  1. Thanks for the kind words Scott, it’s been a pleasure being a member of the gym the last two years and I’m gonna miss the hell out of everyone down there.

    1. You’ll be missed big time! We know, of course, you’ll be great in the Marine Corps and they’re lucky to have you!

    2. lauren connor May 5, 2015 — 6:55 pm

      Don’t go! But you’ll be amazing. Well be thinking about you and please come by and visit!!

  2. 4 + 35 @ 85#

    Thanks, Scott, for encouraging me to stay at 85# and not drop my weight!

  3. 3+200m @ 75#

  4. 3 + 80 rx – I just kept air squatting

  5. 4 + 95 @105#

  6. 4 + 47 rx

  7. 4 + 60 @ 75#

  8. lauren connor May 5, 2015 — 6:56 pm

    4 and a long walk to my jump rope before time expired. @85#

  9. 4 + 8

    I was trying to work on DU, so I did 10 DU and 20 SU each round

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