Time to Get Gym-Nasty!

Introducing our Gymnastics Skills Class!


This is a skill-focused class aimed to develop your movements for CrossFit WODs, functional movement, and life. Whether you are connecting muscle ups for increased speed or learning your first pull up, this class is a body weight strength and coordination development program which can accentuate your CF Wod, Burn, or Strength programs.

Who can join?

Anyone with a CrossFit membership can join!  If you are motivated to address the skills required to perform some of the more advanced gymnastics movements (handstands, muscle ups, etc.), the workout will be tailored to your needs  Beginners and advanced fitness athletes alike will get something out of this class!  If you do not have a CF membership and want to get involved, email Scott to discuss options!


Classes every Wednesday at 7pm, and Saturday from 930-1100 am!  PLEASE NOTE: THESE CLASSES ARE THE SAME CONTENT!!!! WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY WILL MIRROR EACH OTHER. This is to allow scheduling options for busy clients. Members are welcome on both days if they choose to get some extra practice.

Class Format

Classes are 1 hour long and led by one of our experienced CrossFit trainers.  Classes begin with a group warm up (15-20 min) and 1-2 selected skills for development that day.  The class concludes with a bodyweight strength session at a deliberate pace (muscular strength, but not a METCON). Gymnastics is all about repetitions to train your mind and body to work together. There will be flexibility and strength targeted around the focus skills in a 4-6 week progression.

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