Wednesday Workout: Cleans, OTM Work, Sprints


5 Total Sets, Every 2 Minutes: Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull + 2 Cleans

Notes: Add weight each set as possible. Focus on technique and positions through DL and Pull. Should be a squat clean


Level 1

OTM 14:

Even Minutes:  Hang Power Clean + Push Press x 5

Odd Minutes:  Lunge x 10 (5/side) holding kettlebell or dumbbell in each hand (GO HEAVY!!)

Level 2

OTM 14:

Even Minutes:  Ground to Overhead (tng) x 5

Odd Minutes:  Lunge x 10 (5/side) holding kettlebell or dumbbell in each hand (GO HEAVY!!)

Notes: Pick weight on ground to overhead that you can do touch and go power clean + push jerk quickly and efficiently


Hill Sprint x 3.  Start at sign and run to the top of the hill, walk back down, repeat. First one at 80-90%, then ramp it up if feeling good.


Going forward, we will be incorporating more strength work into the regular classes, and don’t worry, there will still be some long workouts each week ; ). Record your workouts and your progress, and come to the gym ready to work hard.   If you are interested in getting more experience with the Clean/Jerk and Snatch, come check out a C’ville Strength class – we just started a new cycle this week and if you have questions about how you can mix CF and Strength, email Scott.


1. Potluck this Friday – check the event HERE for more info!!

2. Gymnastics Skillz Class Starts this Saturday!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Cleans, OTM Work, Sprints

  1. Strength: 100#; WOD: 75# x 4 sets, 65# x 3 sets; 50# lunges

  2. No Strength
    WOD: 75# S2O, 35# DB lunges
    Slippery hill sprints are scurry.

  3. up to 215
    up to 165#, 20 jumping lunges

  4. 95,105,115,125,135
    95# ground to OH, 45# kbs

  5. Strength up to 105#
    up to 75# gto, 30# DB’s

  6. To 185 To 135 53s

  7. Strength: 105#
    WOD: 85# g2o, 26# Lunges

  8. 195#
    135, 45

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