Friday Workout: Thruster, Team WOD

Potluck tonight at the gym starting around 630pm!! Come on out, bring a dish to share, and be ready to hang out and play some games.



In 15 Minutes, build to a Thruster 3RM (from the floor)

If new to the movement, do 5 sets of 3 thrusters at moderate/heavy weight


In Teams of 2, Complete the Following (can break it up however you want):

  • Row x 2000m
  • Sandbag Run (50s/30s) x 1600m

Notes: On rower, one person working at a time. On sandbag runs, both partners run together but have one bag that they can switch off whenever they want.  Can break up work in any way – i.e. 4 rounds of 500m row, 400m sandbag run, etc.

Cash Out

Potluck, have a beer, play some cornhole and kanjam


Going forward, we will be incorporating more strength work into the regular classes, and don’t worry, there will still be some long workouts each week ; ). Record your workouts and your progress, and come to the gym ready to work hard.   If you are interested in getting more experience with the Clean/Jerk and Snatch, come check out a C’ville Strength class – we just started a new cycle this week and if you have questions about how you can mix CF and Strength, email Scott.


1. Potluck tonight – check the event HERE for more info!!

2. Gymnastics Skillz Class Starts this Saturday!

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