Thursday Workout: Skill/Strength Work, Sandbags

4th of July Schedule Update!  We will have make-up/open gym classes at 9am and 10am on 4th of July only – all other classes are canceled.  If you are doing the C’ville Strength programming, you can come in during this time to lift in the lower room.  There will be a suggested Team WOD on this day, so come at 9 or 10 to get set up and do the workout or make up a WOD from the week. Thanks!


3 Sets:

A1. L-Sit Hold x 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds

A2. Bent over row x 8-12, rest 1 minute

Notes: For L-Sit hold, choose variation where you can do 30 seconds without dropping (i.e. support on rings, hanging from pull-up bar, support on parallettes, etc. – scale to tuck or 1 foot out, etc. as needed)


Level 1

  • Run x 400m
  • V-Up or Hanging Knee Tuck x 20
  • Rest 3 Minutes

Level 2

3 Sets:

  • Sandbag Run x 400m
  • Toe to Bar x 20
  • Rest 3 Minutes

Notes: Choose your own weight for sandbag runs, or do 400m run with no weight if necessary.  Sub 500m row if necessary – put damper on 10 and raise back of rower using a 45# plate.


1.  Register for the “31 Heroes” WOD happening on August 1!  More info HERE.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Skill/Strength Work, Sandbags

  1. Rings, BOWs: @85
    WOD: 16:05

  2. Hanging knee tucks…tired to hold 1 leg out for 10s, etc/5 ring rows instead of bent over row

    Wod: 9:00: run with no sand bag, did abmat sit-ups instead t2b

  3. 17:20 w/ 32 # bag

  4. Strength: 135# Rows (Did a set of 8 with 155# but my form was bad and the last few I lifted with my back/legs)

    WOD: 17:21 with 52# sandbag
    Did 10 T2B and 10 V-ups per round

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