Wednesday Workout: Strength Work, 5 Rounds

Did you see the awesome Nutrition Challenge Results from the Spring 2015 Challenge?? Check them out here!


OTM 8:

  • Snatch x 3 (full squat)
  • or, Power Snatch x 3

Right into OTM 8:

  • Strict Handstand Push-up with deficit x 2-4
  • or, Kipping HSPU x 4-6
  • or, Handstand Hold x 10-20 seconds

**If necessary, scale to 5-10 Push-ups for second OTM strength piece.  The numbers are there to give you an appropriate range – choose what works for you and you should be able to do each set of HSPU unbroken.


Level 1

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Push Press x 5
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (40/25) x 15
  • Run x 200m

Level 2

5 Rounds for Time:

  • Push Jerk (155/105) x 5
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 20
  • Run x 200m

Notes: Sub 250m row for run if necessary. L2 is also a Russian Swing – not a typo ; )


1. First Friday Potluck for July has been moved to this Friday, July 10!!! Come and hang out, bring something to throw on the grill, and play some games.

2.  Register for the “31 Heroes” WOD happening on August 1!  More info HERE.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Strength Work, 5 Rounds

  1. Snatch: 35#-55#
    HS hold: 20sx3, 10s for rest
    WOD: 3 rounds @65#PJ/25#KB: 8:13 (I think)

  2. To 145
    4-3 deficit
    15:18 I think

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