Friday Workout: Front Squat, Thruster, Jump

Potluck at the gym tonight!!



Front Squat, 3×3, work at or around 70-75%


Level 1

Row x 750m

Then, 5-4-3-2-1 Reps for Time of:

  • Dumbbell Thruster
  • Box Jump Step Down

Level 2

Row x 1000m

Then, complete the following:

  • Thruster (155/105) x 5
  • Box Jump Over (24/20) x 10
  • Thruster x 4
  • Box Jump Over x 8
  • Thruster x 3
  • Box Jump Over x 6
  • Thruster x 2
  • Box Jump Over x 4
  • Thruster x 1
  • Box Jump Over x 2

Notes: Scale as needed on thruster weight, but should aim for unbroken sets at challenging weight.


1. First Friday Potluck for July has been moved to this Friday, July 10!!! Come and hang out, bring something to throw on the grill, and play some games.

2.  Register for the “31 Heroes” WOD happening on August 1!  More info HERE.

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