Catching up with Mike

I had the chance to catch up with Mike after the nutrition challenge as well.  Huge thanks to Ariel and Mike for being willing to share their answers with everyone!



What was your athletic background prior to starting at CrossFit Charlottesville?

Prior to starting at CrossFit Charlottesville, my athletic background mainly dealt with Football. I played middle linebacker and defensive end through college. I also played baseball in high school and some soccer and basketball in my younger days! I’ve pretty much been doing some sort of sport ever since I can remember!

Why did you decide to join the gym?

I decided to join the gym because I had been curious about CrossFit for a long time. I finally worked up the guts to come by the gym and check it out and the rest is history! It’s an amazing place to workout! The people, the environment, the programming, everything! It’s awesome!

What gains do you consider most significant in the gym?

I have had gains in all areas honestly! I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve lost weight and gotten leaner, and I’ve developed a better engine and endurance. If I had to pick one area I’ve gained the most in since joining the gym it would probably be my engine and endurance.  I’m able to push through hard workouts a lot easier then when I started.

How has the gym helped you with things that are outside the gym?

I can thank the gym for helping me with several things besides awesome workouts. Guidance with my nutrition and diet has probably been the biggest. The recent nutrition challenge taught me a ton about eating the right things and hitting my macros. It’s helped me feel better and more energetic overall throughout the whole day.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned or achieved after joining our gym?

Honestly, the most surprising thing I’ve learned since joining the gym is the level of camaraderie. Everybody at CrossFit Charlottesville is approachable and friendly and willing to help. The sense of community there is unbelievable and it has just blown me way. 

What did you get out of the recent nutrition challenge?

Well, besides losing weight and leaning out, I learned a lot about nutrition. I learned about what is best for me to eat and how much of it I should be eating. I felt better overall and felt like I had more energy.

What are your fitness goals for the next year?

would definitely like to compete in both CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions at some point. Competing has always helped me to push myself more, so I think that would be a useful goal. I also want to get a lot better with body weight movements in general. That’s a weakness for me that I would like to improve upon. I’d also like to clean and jerk 400lbs and Snatch 300lbs!

What would you tell someone in your shoes who might be nervous about joining the gym?

I would tell them to just go for it! The gym is very inviting and the programming allows people of all skill levels to get good work in!

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