Wednesday Workout: OTM Work

Hey all – the rowing clinic has been canceled for tonight due to lack of sign-ups. We’ll try again in the future!


OTM 8:

  • Snatch (full snatch) + 2 Overhead Squats, light to moderate weight

*Scale to Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats at light weight

Rest 2 Minutes

OTM 10 (Starting at 10:00 on clock):

  • Even Minute: Front Squat (from floor) x 3, start moderate
  • Odd Minute: Toe to Bar* x 5-10

*Consider scaling to v-up variation touching feet to vertical bars on pull-up rig. Add weight as possible on Front Squats – can squat clean the first rep.


Level 1


  • Wall Ball to 9′ x 30
  • Russian KBS heavy x 15

Level 2


  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 30
  • Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 15


1.  Register for the “31 Heroes” WOD happening on August 1!  More info HERE.

2. WE’RE TURNING 6!!  CrossFit Charlottesville’s Anniversary Party is at the end of this month!  Sunday, July 26!  See the Facebook Event for more info and to RSVP.

3 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: OTM Work

  1. SN-OHS- worked at 65#
    FS- up to 110# / 8 T2B
    WOD- 2 + 39 w/ 40# kb

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