Gymnastics Class Update

Gymnastics will be moving dates in a couple of weeks due to the fall semester starting. Starting on 17 AUG gymnastics will be held every Monday night at 7 pm, and Thursday at 645 pm. Saturday will be an open skill time from 0930 until 1030. Eliot will be available to assist with requested skill movements on this day but will not be running a formal class.


On the following days we will be doing a base line initial strength test for our 6 week cycle. This is an upper body pull and push cycle with an emphasis on mid line stability. It will improve strength for pull ups, triceps dips, muscle ups, and overhead work. (5 AUG, 8 AUG, 12 AUG, 15 AUG)


Those participating will be asked to dedicate 3 times per week for 1 hour. This program can be done outside of Gymnastics class hours but it is recommended that you attend to ensure you understand all of the moments.


Any questions?  See you in class!



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