Thursday Workout: OHS, Rope Climb, more



Work up to a heavy squat clean in a few sets (not a 1RM)

*10 minutes max. If new to the movement do hang squat clean or hang power clean + front squat


Level 1

  • Front Squat x 15
  • Run x 400m
  • Rope Pull x 10
  • Row x 500m
  • Hang Squat Clean x 10

Level 2

Complete the Following for Time:

  • Overhead Squat (135/95) x 15
  • Run x 800m
  • Rope Climb x 10*
  • Row x 800m
  • Squat Clean (185/135) x 10

*Start from standing position (no jump). Scale reps if needed.

**Use one bar for both barbell movements – scale appropriately.   If you need to sub running for 800m row, do 600m run (i.e. turnaround before last turn on 800m course).


1. August 21st: Friday’s After Five

2. August 22nd: Spartan Race at Wintergreen!! Lots of CF Cville members are signed up – if you want to get involved email Scott!

3. August 30th: Park WOD!

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