Monday Workout: Back Squats, 3 Rounds



Back Squat, 5×5, building each set

*Try to build to heavier set of 5 than last time (here)


Level 1

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Run x 250m
  • Goblet Squat Heavy x 10
  • Box Dip x 15

Level 2

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Run x 400m
  • Front Squat (155/105) x 10
  • Ring Dip x 15

Notes: If rowing, sub 500m row for L2 and 300m row for L1.


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8 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Back Squats, 3 Rounds

  1. WOD: 3rds, 400m run, 30 AS, 30 Dips

    1. Picnic table dips!! 🙂

      1. And random planks in the darkness 😉

  2. BS: up to 145#
    WOD: 13:08 (85#, 5 ring dips, 10 box dips)

    Went light on the FS b/c my knee felt funky.

  3. BS- 155#
    WOD- 14:25 w/95#, dips on highboxes

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