Thursday Workout: OTM Strength, AMRAP

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Level 1

On The Minute (OTM) For 16 Minutes

  • Even Minutes: Kettlebell Deadlift x 5
  • Odd Minutes: Ring Row x 5-7, Box Jump (18/12) x 3-5

Level 2

OTM For 16 Minutes:

  • Even Minutes: Deadlift (moderate/heavy) x 5
  • Odd Minutes: Strict Pull-up x 3-5*, Box Jump (30+/24+) x 3-5

*Notes: You perform the work at the top of the minute and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  For example, if doing Level 2: at “3-2-1 Go” you will do 5 Deadlifts, then rest until the top of the next minute, where you will then do 3-5 Strict Pull-ups and 4-6 Box Jumps.  These numbers are guidelines, but you should have at least15 seconds of rest or transition time each minute.  The ‘+’ means go higher on box jump if you can.

* Add a med ball for weighted pull-ups to make it more challenging if necessary


Level 1


  • Run x 400m
  • Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swing x 15
  • Push-up x 9

Level 2


  • Run x 400m
  • Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 15
  • Handstand Push-up x 9


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4 Comments on “Thursday Workout: OTM Strength, AMRAP

  1. DL: 145#; 2 negative pull-ups,; 5 box jumps @ 28″
    3 rounds (45 lb KB, push ups on box)

  2. Subbed FS: 65# x 2, 75# x 6
    2 strict pullups, 3 box jumps @ 24″

    Wod: 2+400m run (knees on box for hspu)

  3. DL- 135, strict pu’s, box jump 24″
    WOD- 3 rounds plus 150 meters w/ 40# kb, 1 abmat

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