Thursday Workout: DL, Unbroken WB and DU

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Deadlift, 3 sets of 10 reps (fast, touch and go)

*Work at moderate weight (i.e. 225-275) and focus on fast touch and go reps with solid form. Rest 90 seconds between sets


Level 1


  • Wall Ball (12/8) x 1
  • Jump Rope Single x 4
  • Wall Ball x 2
  • Jump Rope Single x 8
  • Wall Ball x 3
  • Jump Rope Single x 12
  • … and so on

Level 2


  • Unbroken Wall Ball (20/14) x 1
  • Unbroken Double Under x 2
  • UB Wall Ball x 2
  • UB Double Under x 4
  • UB Wall Ball x 3
  • UB Double Under x 6
  • … and so on

Notes:  Score by recording the set of wall balls that you finish on when time is up + any additional reps.  If you are doing Unbroken sets in Level 2, you must repeat a set if you trip up on a double under or wall ball!  Scale to just regular sets of double unders if you are still working on the movement.


1. So much going on, see our Facebook Events Page to see everything!

2. “Deadlifts for Derek” is Live for Registration!

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