Tuesday Workout: Push Press, Hang Power Clean, Push-up, Row

“Deadlifts For Derek” is less than a week away!  On November 1, we will open up the gym all day for our fundraiser WOD to raise money for the UVA Cancer Center in honor of Derek and his family.  If you haven’t registered for the WOD or donated, please visit our website for more information about the event and how you can get involved!


OTM 6: Push Press x 5, start moderate and build as able (no failed sets!) – should be quick tng reps

*Take bar from the floor


Level 1


  • Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 10
  • Push-up Hands Elevated on Box x 15
  • Abmat Sit-up x 20
  • Row x 25 Cals

Level 2


  • Hang Power Clean (135/95) x 10
  • Hand Release Push-up x 15
  • Abmat Sit-up x 20
  • Row x 30 Cals

*If necessary, sub 400m run for row or start staggered


1. See our Facebook Events Page to see everything that’s going on in the coming month!

2. “Deadlifts for Derek” is Live for Registration and the WOD has been announced!  Check it out HEREand register or donate today!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Push Press, Hang Power Clean, Push-up, Row

  1. PP: 60-85#, increments of 5#
    Wod: 4+8rx

  2. PP: 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85
    WOD: 2 rds Rx in 10:49

  3. PP: 95
    WOD: 4 (85 clean)

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