Monday Workout, and Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out to show your support today!  We had an amazing turnout and the energy and positivity in the gym was unlike anything I’ve experienced.  More importantly, to see a community come together to rally behind a cause like this was incredibly rewarding. Derek – we are behind you 100% and the event we held today was just one way we wanted to show you our appreciation for who you are and make a contribution.  It was great to have you back in the gym again and cheer you on through the workout!
I hope you all had fun, challenged yourselves, made new friends, and got to eat some delicious BBQ!  Also, thank you to everyone who volunteered today – without you we couldn’t have done this!

If you took pics, please hashtag them with #deadlifts4derek

I will post some pics to Facebook this week, as well as the final scoresheet!


Thanks to all of our sponsors!

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A1. Shoulder Press, 3 sets of 5 reps, rest 30 seconds

A2. Strict Pull-up (any grip), AMRAP x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds

Notes: Do a set of 5 shoulder press, and then after 30 seconds rest do a set of strict pull-ups or some variation (as many as you can do – shoot for 10-15 reps each set). Rest 1 minute then repeat.


Level 1


  • V-Up x 10
  • Dumbbell Push Press x 10
  • Jump Rope Single x 40
  • Burpee x 4

Level 2


  • Toe to Bar x 10
  • Push Jerk (95/65) x 10
  • Double Under x 40


1. See our Facebook Events Page to see everything that’s going on in the coming month!

3 thoughts on “Monday Workout, and Thank You!

  1. SP- 65#, 7 strict pull-ups
    WOD- 4 rds + 4 rx

  2. 115#, 6-10
    5 + 10

  3. SP: 55, 60, 65
    PU: 6, 5, 5
    WOD: 4 + 17 (V-ups)

    My jump rope does not like the weight room mats, apparently.

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