Tuesday Workout: PC+PJ, OTM Work, Row/Burpee


Post-paintball group shot – courtesy of ZwackerZ


In 10 Minutes, build to a heavy single Power Clean + Push Jerk

Notes: Use the time today to build to a heavy single in the complex.  If still new to the movements, do the following: 5 sets of 3 hang power cleans + 1 push jerk (or push press) every 2 minutes


Level 1

OTM 8:

  • Even: Dumbbell Thruster x 8
  • Odd: Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 8

Rest until the 10 Minute Mark

Then, in 5 Minutes:

  • Row x 750m
  • Max Rep Burpees in Remaining Time

Level 2

OTM 8*:

  • Even: “Touch and Go” Thruster x 8-10
  • Odd: “Touch and Go” Power Clean x 8-10

Rest until the 10 Minute Mark

Then, in 6 Minutes:

  • Row x 1000m
  • Max Rep Burpees over erg in remaining time

Notes: Record weight on OTM work and total number of burpees on second part

Sub Burpee over bar or regular burpees if necessary

*For OTM work – bar should be light/moderate so you can complete the reps quickly with good form (i.e. 95-115/65-85 for Rx).  Pick a weight and stick with it for all sets – same weight for both barbell movements.


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13 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: PC+PJ, OTM Work, Row/Burpee

  1. BS: 172#
    WOD: 3+45 (single unders and burpees, RRs, V-ups with 15 pound med ball)
    45 second hand stand holds

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