Hoodie Pre-order Instructions!

Hey CrossFit Charlottesville!

If you want one of these sleek looking hoodies to keep you warm this winter (see below), please make sure you order yours prior to 12/1/15! We will ONLY be doing a pre-order for the hoodies, so please make sure to submit your preferred size if you want one!  Hoodies are priced at $45, and you can pay upon pick-up (card, cash, or check).  The hoodies we are ordering are available in either Navy or Black (same color font) – please specify the color you want in the form.

Click button to access the order form:

Hoodie Pre-order Form!

Check the Design Below:



Interested in the sizing? Click HERE


To reiterate, if you don’t place your order by 12/1/15, we won’t have a hoodie for you.  Don’t get left out!  Thanks, and see you in the gym!


Order Form

7 Comments on “Hoodie Pre-order Instructions!

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