Thursday Workout: OTM Work, Row

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A. OTM 8
  • Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + Jerk, start light/moderate (~50-60% of 1RM C&J) and build

*Scale to Hang Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + Push Press if necessary

B. OTM 10
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing AHAP x 5
  • Burpee x 4-8

Notes: Make sure you have at least 15-20 seconds of rest/transition time each set.  I.e. Scale up/down on burpees as necessary

*Consider using 2x kettlebells and doing a double Russian Swing if possible

AHAP = as heavy as possible


Row x 1-2k at an easy/moderate pace (i.e. not for time)


1. Our End of the Year Party is on December 12 at Boylan from 2-5pm!  RSVP to our Facebook Event HERE.  There will be food, drinks, awards, and it will be an awesome time!

7 Comments on “Thursday Workout: OTM Work, Row

  1. OTM 8 Complex: 95#, 115#, 4x 135#, 145#, 155#
    OTM 10 Complex: 70# KB, 8 reps on 1st and last minutes and 6 reps for the rest of the minutes
    Cash Out: 2000m in a relaxing 8:10

  2. OTM 1: 65-100#, going up by 5#/rnd
    OTM 2: 2kb @ 25# for 6 rnds, then went to 1 (saving posterior chain for Saturday), burpee: 7,7,6,6,6,5,5,7,8

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