Thursday Workout: HSPU/Strict Pull-ups, 3 Rounds

Benchmark Month!  For the month of January, we will be doing 2 benchmark WODs each week on Monday and Friday. In 4-6 months, we will repeat those benchmark WODs to have another measure of your progress.  Make sure you record your scores and post to the comments! It’s as simple as recording your time and any scaling options that you used during the workout.  We are all here to get better!  Happy New Year everyone!

Also, looking ahead, we will be incorporating some gymnastics skill work into classes twice a week or as optional skill work on your own. And be on the lookout for a more technical gymnastics class starting up later in the month (1x/week)!  Thanks!

Thursday WOD


5 Sets:

  • Strict Pull-up* x 5
  • Strict Handstand Push-up* x 5
  • Weighted Plank Hold x 20 seconds
  • Rest as needed b/w sets

*Scale up or down as needed – I.e. add weight to pull-ups and/or deficit to HSPU. Should not be going to failure on any given set.  If subbing pull-up negatives, do 2-3 reps per set with up to 5 second eccentric.  15 Minutes max for strength work.  Go as heavy as possible on the weighted planks


Level 1

4 Rounds for Time:

  • Box Jump (18/12) x 10
  • Run x 200m or Row x 250m

Level 2

4 Rounds for Time:

  • Box Jump Step Down (30/24) x 15
  • Run x 400m or Row x 500m

7 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: HSPU/Strict Pull-ups, 3 Rounds

  1. Red band pull ups (last few with a boost from Taylor)
    2 hspu negatives w/ 2abmats
    25# planks
    Wod: 14:16 (20″ box & rowing)

  2. 5 Pull ups with a 10# wall ball
    5 HSPU that were shallow
    20 Second plank with 45# plate on back

    WOD: 13:03 rx (rowing)

  3. 5 strict pu’s, 5 kipping HSPU’s, 25# plate plank

    WOD- 13:14 (row) 20″ box

  4. 5 varying (1-2 strict, some negative, some slight kip)
    5 2ab mat HSPU
    45# plank

    WOD: 12:35

  5. PU: strict
    HSPU: 2 abmat strict (did a few with 1 abmat, but I couldn’t keep it up)
    WOD: 13:44 Rx w/ run

  6. Just kind of did my own version of this 😛

    Strength: Strict PUs x5, Strict Press @ 33kg x5, 25kg Plank Holds
    WOD: 11ish Row w/12″ Box Jumps

    working on box jump technique, focus on hip excursion and landing softly. Haven’t been doing these for a while now and am working on getting good vertical height instead of just pulling my legs up really quickly.

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