Tuesday Workout: Gym Strength, EMOM


Benchmark Month!  For the month of January, we will be doing 2 benchmark WODs each week on Monday and Friday. In 4-6 months, we will repeat those benchmark WODs to have another measure of your progress.  Make sure you record your scores and post to the comments! It’s as simple as recording your time and any scaling options that you used during the workout.  We are all here to get better, and posting will help you keep track and be accountable for your progress!

Also, looking ahead, we will be incorporating some gymnastics skill work into classes twice a week or as optional skill work on your own. And be on the lookout for a more technical gymnastics class starting up later in the month on Jan 22 (1x/week)!  Thanks!

Monday WOD


4 Sets of:

  • Push Up x 15 (use ring push-ups is able)
  • Strict Chin Up x 10 (use 5 second eccentric lowering* or add weight with belt)
  • High Box Jump x 5 (conduct as singles, try to build to a max height box jump)

*If doing negatives, scale reps to 3-5/set.  Rest as needed between sets (15 Minutes Total for Strength work).

The intent is for each set to be challenging, but unbroken. I.e. if you cannot do 15 push-ups, scale the reps back to 10 or elevate hands on a box.  Push-ups should be controlled, and full range of motion.  Can sub ring rows for strict pull-ups, and scale box height as needed.


Level 2

Alternating EMOM 16:

  • 1′ – Hang Power Clean x 5*, Burpee Over the Bar x 3-5
  • 2′ – Row x 12-15 Cals

Level 1

Alternating EMOM 12:

  • 1′ – Hang Power Clean x 5, Burpee x 3-5
  • 2′ – Row x 8-10 Cals

*Start at light/moderate weight and build as able – should be touch and go reps if possible.

Notes: Should be no more than 45 seconds of work either set. Scale appropriately.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Gym Strength, EMOM

  1. WOD1: 15, 5, 30
    WOD 2: 95, 5, 8

  2. Strength: 7 ring PUs, 5 strict CUs, up to 30″
    No time for the EMOM, so I did a 1000m row at an easy-ish pace. 4:55

  3. Strength: 15x ring push ups, 5x eccentric chin ups (singles), 5x 36″ box jumps
    EMOM: 135#, 4 burpees over bar, 12 cals

  4. Wod1: 10, 5w/ red band, 20″
    Wod2: 65, 75, 85#x3, 3burpee, 12cal

  5. WOD 1- 15 pushups, 7 chin ups, 24″ box
    WOD 2- 65# , 5 burpees, 12 cal

  6. 15 Ring Dips, 10 PUs, up to a 38″ Bon Jump
    Finished at 195 HPC, 5 Burpess and 15 calories.

  7. Push Ups: 15
    Chin Ups: 5
    Box Jump: 20″ (still working on getting good jumping technique: Height + Soft Landing)

    PC: 120#
    Burpees: 3
    Row: 12 Cal

  8. WOD 1: 15 push-ups,8 chin-ups,5 box jumps 30″
    WOD 2: 105# (last set), 5 burpees, 12 calories

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