Tuesday Workout: Clean and Jerk, OTM, More


Gym entrance this weekend!


In 10 Minutes, Work up to a heavy single in the following complex:

  • Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

Start around 60% of your 1RM C&J and build as able. Work up to something challenging for the day, but not a max.

Then, at 15:00 Mark:

Level 1


  • Burpee x 2-4
  • Slam Ball (20/15) x 5-7

Level 2


  • Lateral Bar Burpee x 4
  • Power Clean (135/95) x 5

*Goal should be no more than 40-45 seconds of work. If you can’t complete the work within the minute, skip the next minute and then continue as able, or scale reps/weight so that you are completing the work in around 40 seconds or less.  Two-footed takeoff and landing on bar burpees.  Weight on power clean should be something that you can do touch and go reps or quick singles.


A. Tabata Abmat Sit-ups*

*Use abmat and butterfly leg position

B. 2 x Sets of Max Effort Barbell Wrist Curls (scale using Dumbbells)

Sit on ground, cross-legged, and rest forearms on legs or use bench/boxes. Allow barbell (unweighted) to roll out towards the end of the fingers slowly. Flex the wrists as if it was a regrip on the pull up bar. Perform as many as possible, and rest two minutes in between sets.


  1. 2016 CrossFit Games Open: Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is Live!  Head on over to the CrossFit Games Website for details and get yourself signed up!

4 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Clean and Jerk, OTM, More

  1. Strength: 100#
    Wod: rx (about 30s/ rnd)
    Sit-ups: 11x 6, 10x 2
    Wrist curls: 10/rnd

  2. Complex: 95#, 115#, 135#, 155#, 175#, 185#
    EMOM: 135# PC
    Sit-ups: 15/round
    Wrist Curls: 10/round

  3. complex: 135#
    99# power cleans/:21 ish per round)
    sit ups: 12-14 per round

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