Wednesday Workout: Power Snatch OTM, TEAM WOD


OTM 10: Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch

*Start around 60% and build as you are able to. Can drop and reset after hang power snatch.


In Teams of 2, AMRAP 18:

P1 Row x 500m

P2 AMRAP of the following:

  • Burpee Pull-up* x 5
  • Box Jump Step Down (24/20) x 10
  • Wall Ball to 10′ (20/14) x 15

*Ideally, pull-up bar is about 6-8″ above your reach. Scale height of pull-up bar as needed (i.e. burpee + jumping pull-up where pull-up bar crosses below wrist), or do 5 burpees + 5 ring rows.

Notes: Partner 1 rows 500m while Partner 2 performs AMRAP – once P1 finishes rowing, P1 picks up on AMRAP where P2 left off, and they switch. Β Score is number of rounds and reps completed on AMRAP portion (rowing doesn’t count towards score).

Scale as needed on box height and wall ball weight.


  1. BRING A FRIEND DAYS Start Next Week (Feb 10)!!
  2. 2016 CrossFit Games Open: Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is Live! Β Head on over to the CrossFit Games Website for details and get yourself signed up!

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