Tuesday Workout: AMRAP 15, Gym Core Work

1. Reminder that the 0600 class is canceled. All other classes are on a normal schedule!
2. For Bring A Friend Day on the 17th and 24th, please PRE REGISTER 24 hours in advance for class on our Front Desk Site, especially if you are planning to bring more than one person to class.  Thanks!


Level 1


  • Hang Power Clean (65/35) x 3
  • Push-up x 20
  • Hang Power Clean x 3
  • Ring Row x 30
  • Hang Power Clean x 3
  • Wall Ball to 9′ (14/8) x 40
  • Hang Power Clean x 3
  • Walking Lunge x 50 (25/leg)

Level 2


  • Power Clean (185/135) x 3
  • Handstand Push-up x 20
  • Power Clean (185/135) x 3
  • Pull-up x 30
  • Power Clean (185/135) x 3
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 40
  • Power Clean (185/135) x 3
  • Lunge x 50 (25/leg)*

*Hips must open up on lunges and feet must come together after each rep (i.e. no low jumping lunges).


A. Flexion: Accumulate 2 minutes in L-Sit (supported on boxes, rings, or parallettes – i.e. no hanging) – scale to tuck if needed.

B. Isolation: 3 sets of 10 barbell ab roll-outs*

*Only go as far as you are able to maintain good lumbar position


  1. BRING A FRIEND DAYS are happening this month!
  2. 2016 CrossFit Games Open: Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is Live!  Head on over to the CrossFit Games Websitefor details and get yourself signed up!

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