Wednesday Workout: Bring A Friend Day Partner WOD!

Make sure to pre-register for class if you’re coming today!  If you run into any issues signing up, don’t sweat it – we’ll still get you in the class!
If you’re new to the gym, please make sure you’ve signed up and completed a waiver ahead of time by visiting the link here (you can register for class through this site as well): Front Desk Sign-up

WOD (see below for scaling options)

In Teams of 2 (one person working at a time), AMRAP in 10 Minutes of:

  • Row x 150m (or Run x 100m)
  • Front Squat (95/65) x 10
  • Abmat Sit-up x 10

Rest 5 Minutes, set up for next part

In Teams of 2 (one person working at a time), AMRAP in 10 Minutes of:

  • Row x 150m (or Run x 100m)
  • Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (55/35) x 10 (5/side)
  • Push-up x 10

Notes: Only one person working at a time – split up the work with your partner however you want.

Scaling options are as follows:
  1. Front Squat –> Goblet Squat –> Air Squat
  2. Abmat Sit-up (scale up to Toe to Bar or Hanging Knee Tuck)
  3. Dumbbell Snatch –> Hang Dumbbell Snatch –> Slam Ball
  4. Push-up –> Hands on Box Push-up

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Bring A Friend Day Partner WOD!

  1. Did 5 min of each solo
    AMRAP 1: 2 + 159 Rx w/ row
    AMRAP 2: 2 + 106 Rx w/ run

  2. Team of three with Will and Ed (I shadowed Will)
    9 + 90m rowing; 8 + 50m rowing, rx

  3. Out in Winchester… got to work out at Shenandoah Crossfit/Shenandoah Performance:
    Strength: 5×2 Split Jerks worked up to 140#

    Midline: 3 Rounds:
    30 seconds Max Rep T2B
    rest 10-15 Seconds
    1:00 Back Rack hold at 110% 1RM Back Squat
    rest up to 30 Seconds

    Pretty sure I did about 10-15 T2B/round (closer to 10 on the last round). Back rack was a 1/4 squat from the jerk blocks and held at 255#

    Conditioning: Isabel
    3:56 @90#
    That’s about 90 seconds slower but 43# heavier than 5 years ago? I guess I avoid doing Isabel if I don’t have to 😛

  4. 10+12
    9 + 3

  5. 10 + 50m
    with Ope

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