Monday Workout + CF Games Open Details


The 2016 CrossFit Games Open starts this week!  It’s an all-inclusive, international competition designed to test your fitness. In order to participate, you must register here. The cost is $20, and you need to select “CrossFit Charlottesville” as your affiliate so we can add you to our team.  Here are more details about the CrossFit Games season and the CrossFit Games.  We encourage ANYONE to compete. The open is a great chance for our community to come together and push our limits.  No matter where you are in your training, you’re ready!  The open is an opportunity to test yourself and to make improvements. Get signed up this week and please contact Scott if you have questions!

IMPORTANT DETAILS/REMINDERS: Each week the workout will be announced Thursday night at 8PM. Open Announcement

CompetitorsOn Friday you should take a rest day, and on Saturday we will host judged workouts from 9-11AM.  If you are competing you should either rest completely or come in and expect to modify the workout on Friday to be biased more towards general skills and mobility.  The first Open workout is to be released on Feb 25.

Everyone Else: Due to the Open, the 10AM Saturday Make-up Class is CANCELED for the 5 weeks that the open is taking place.  The 11AM make-up class is still on as normal.  The workout will be programmed for the rest of the gym on Friday or the following Monday (depending on the movements).


Please note: If you register for the Open but cannot compete during the Saturday time slot, then please e-mail to figure out a judging time. The best alternative is Friday/Monday at 4PM, or during the Comp Class (Sundays at 4PM).  Please note that anyone competing and registered for the open can act as your judge (so we will be judging each other on Saturdays), unless you fall into the category of potential Regional qualifier for individual or team. If you plan to video your workouts and track attendance as part of the new rules, then you must take the Judges course.  So far we have a couple of certified judges, but we need more!  It’s only an additional $10.  You can register to become a certified judge HERE.  Also, if you are competing please familiarize yourself with info on the Games Website.

Lastly, if you have no desire to compete in the Open, then we still highly encourage you to track your progress at these workouts, as this will help you increase your fitness and reach your individual goals over time.



Shoulder Press, 3-5 x 5 sets, building in weight each set


Level 1

AMRAP in 5 minutes of:

  • DB Squat Clean & Jerk (30/20# per hand)

Rest 5 minutes

Then, Part 2:

18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps of the following for Time:

  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (40/25)*

*After each completed set, Run x 100m or Row x 150m

Level 2

Part 1:

CrossFit Games Open Workout 11.3

AMRAP in 5 minutes of:

  • Squat Clean & Jerk (165/110)*

*This can be a full-squat-clean-thruster, a power-clean-front-squat-split-jerk, or anything in between as long as the three key positions are reached (bar begins on ground, pass through full squat, bar ends locked out overhead after receiving on shoulders).

Rest 5 minutes

Then, Part 2:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps of the following for Time:

  • Kettlebell Swing (53/35)*

*After each completed set, Run x 100m or Row x 150m

Notes: Compare Open WOD Score to 1/16/141/21/13 and 2/6/12 and 4/7/11.


  1. BRING A FRIEND DAYS are happening this month! One more next week! (Feb 24)
  2. 2016 CrossFit Games Open: Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is Live!  Head on over to the CrossFit Games Website for details and get yourself signed up!


12 thoughts on “Monday Workout + CF Games Open Details

  1. SP: @85
    SC&J: 14 @95/115/125
    WOD: 18:38 @45

  2. No strength
    Wod 1: 17 @ 95#
    Wod 2: 8:55rx (row)

  3. SP: 55×5, 60×5, 65×4, 70×3, 75×3
    WOD 1: 20 @ 85# (PR +2)
    WOD 2: 7:48 Rx

  4. 85#

  5. SP to 80#
    25 rx (compared to 21 on 1/21/2013)
    6:40 rx

  6. Back at Shenandoah Crossfit:

    EMOM 15:
    1 Full Snatch, building in weight each round to get to 90% by the 12-13 minute mark. After failing a rep drop 20% and use that weight for the rest of the EMOM.
    Got up to 110, missed 115×2, so did a few at 95#

    EMOM 20: (5 rounds, spend 50 seconds working at each and then transition)
    Row 18/14 Calories
    DB Thruster x 12
    T2B x 10
    Farmers Carry x 250 feet

    Soooo… yeah, first time through that was fine at 35# DB and 53# KBs for farmers carry. After that never got above 14 calories on the row. T2B turned into toes as high as I could get them. Farmers carry was only 200 feet for rounds 3 and 4 b/c I literally lost my grip and dropped it – round 5 managed to just barely make it in under a minute.

    I’m not sure if my forearms/shoulders will be the same again.

  7. SP to 135
    WOD: 23 reps

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