Monday Workout: Push Press/Jerk, 3 Rounds for Time

I hope everyone is recovered from 16.1!  Remember, if you’re competing in the open you need to submit your scores before 8PM on Monday!  If you don’t see your score show up immediately, don’t worry, I have two days beyond the deadline to validate everything.

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A. Push Press, 3×3

B. Push Jerk, 4×4

Notes: Do all 3 sets of push press, then move right into push jerks (resting about 90 seconds between sets).  Go for all “touch n go” reps if possible.


Level 1

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Jump Rope Single x 100
  • Burpee x 10
  • Wall Ball x 20
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (45/25) x 20

Level 2

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Double Under x 100
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 30
  • Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 20


Foam Roll lower body (5 minutes) – hit quads and IT band

4 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Push Press/Jerk, 3 Rounds for Time

  1. Pp: 35-55#
    PJ: 55-85#
    Wod: 11:42 (or 52….50du/rnd, 10# wb, 35# KB. Recovery wod)

  2. 95/115
    12:16 (Russian swings)

  3. PP 165
    PJ 187
    12:54 rx

  4. WOD: 12:21 (but I only did #35 kb)

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