Wednesday Workout: MU Work, 5 Sets with Rest

Crossfit Charlottesville 1


Level 1 Option

Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets:

  • Weighted Pull-up x 5-7

Level 2 Option

OTM 8:

  • Muscle Up x 2-4

Notes:  For L1, you can perform sets of strict pull-ups, strict banded pull-ups, horizontal ring rows, etc.  Record reps on MU or variation performed. If you drop off the rings during a set, you are done with that set and must rest until the next minute (i.e.perform rep scheme you know you can complete and stay below failure).


Level 1

4 Sets:

  • Wall Walk x 3 or Push-up x 15
  • Hang Power Clean (65/35) x 6
  • Row x 200m
  • Rest 1 Minute

Level 2

5 Sets:

  • Handstand Push-up x 7-10
  • Power Clean (155/115) x 6
  • Row x 200m
  • Rest 1 Minute

*record total time. Scale as needed so that you can be consistent each set (i.e. scale reps on HSPU if necessary, or use box assist).


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1 thought on “Wednesday Workout: MU Work, 5 Sets with Rest

  1. Couple MUs
    8:06 working time (only 4 rounds) rx

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