Member Spotlight: Emma



How long have you been doing CrossFit and what got you started?

I was actually introduced to it by a high school trainer who watched videos on YouTube.  I used the main site workouts to train my cheerleading team in college and started at CrossFit Charlottesville in the summer of 2012. ​

What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?

Running… LOL JK. Probably cleans or pull-ups. Or double unders. Or box jump overs.

What activity do you enjoy doing most outside of the gym?

Rock climbing.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Charlottesville?

The people!

What advice would you give to someone considering CrossFit for the first time?

Whoa, how much room do I have… Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed. CrossFit workouts are really good at pointing out your weaknesses, pay attention to them and build a solid foundation of strength by working on those weaknesses. Make sure you’re prioritizing good form and technique over speed. Don’t cheat – at the end of the day, no one will remember your score on the board but you’re cheating yourself out of improvements when you aren’t focused on good reps. Make sure you know your fitness goals walking in. Are you training to be competitive, treating CrossFit as your sport? Are you just trying to get a good workout and increase your endurance? Are you recovering from an injury and trying to increase mobility and strength? Setting the right mentality and goals will help you be successful and happy!

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