Monday Workout: Strict Pull-up Test, SP, KB WOD


We are going to be working in a 6-week pull-up cycle, starting the week of April 4.  We’ll call it the “Biceps Plan”. Eliot has helped adapt this program for our general membership, and depending on how you score on the test (max strict pull-up test) we will be programming 3 different variations twice per week: Eccentric Training, Volume Training, and Weighted Training.  If you can’t do a strict pull-up, don’t worry!  The point is to see where you are now and measure your progress over the course of 6 weeks.  We will program the pull-up work on Monday and Thursday each week, and you can make up one of the days on Saturday as well.

See below for more information on this plan if you are interested:


Three methods of training were used to test pull up improvement over a 6 week cycle. (1) Volume Pull-Up Training, (2) Weighted Pull-Up Training, and (3) Eccentric Pull-Up Training. Within each group the athletes were categorized based on their initial pull-up scores so that recommendations could be made. The groups were (0-4 Reps, 5-12 Reps and greater than 12 Reps). An analysis of variance was done to see which method worked best for each group.


The details are available in the study, but it summarizes like this:

0-4 pull-ups: the most effective is eccentric Training

5-12 pull-ups: the most effective is volume training

12+ pull-ups: the most effective is weighted training

Study: Reference material


1 attempt at a max sets of Strict Pull-ups (any grip)

*Must achieve full lock-out (extension) at bottom, and reach chin over bar at the top.

If you can’t do a strict pull-up, don’t stress it. This pull-up cycle is meant to be adaptable for someone with 0 pull-ups as well as someone with 20+ pull-ups.



Shoulder Press, 3 sets of 5 reps at 20X1 Tempo

*Take bar from floor or rack. Rest 90 seconds between sets and build in weight as able


Level 1


  • Russian Kettlebell Swing x 20
  • KB Clean and Jerk x 20 (10/side)
  • Goblet Squat x 20

Level 2


  • Kettlebell Swing (53/35) x 20
  • KB Clean and Jerk x 20 (10/side)
  • Goblet Squat x 20

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7 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Strict Pull-up Test, SP, KB WOD

  1. Pu:5
    Wod: 2+42
    I was fast back then…

  2. PU: 5 (if I can maintain that over the next 6 weeks, I will be very, very pleased)
    SP: 55, 60, 65
    WOD: 2 + 53 @ 26# (vs. 2 + 24 w/ 45# Russian KBS and 35# everything else last time)

  3. PU: 7… probably 8 is more accurate by my arms/shoulders were still feeling trashed from 16.5
    SP: 65, 70, 85#
    WOD: 2+12 @55# (22 reps less than 9/2014, but 10# heavier)

  4. 12
    3+32rx (11 reps more than last time)

  5. 6
    2+32rx (19 more than last time)

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