Thursday Workout: Back Squat Tempo, AMRAP

crossfit charlottesville_0122


Back Squat, 6-8 x 4 sets, at 30X0 Tempo, rest 2 minutes between sets

*Start light, focus on tempo. Build as you are able to each set.


Level 1


  • Hang Power Snatch (65/45) x 8
  • Row x 250m

Level 2


  • Power Snatch (115/85) x 8
  • Row x 250m


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5 Comments on “Thursday Workout: Back Squat Tempo, AMRAP

  1. BS: 135#x8… probably could have gone heavier, but wanted to keep it to 8 reps
    WOD: 4 @90# w/200m run

  2. BS- 3×135. Sets of 6
    First BS’s since knee surgery
    WOD- 3+ 200 @ 55#

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