Competition Class 4.10.2016

Class meets at 11am today.

Make sure to attend the Nutrition Challenge Kickoff at 3pm and the paleo potluck at 4:30!

1) Hang power clean 6-5-4-3 (touch and go)

2) 6-5-4-3-2-1: Strict muscle-up, strict deficit HSPU (not for time, chop off as many rounds as needed, scale MU to PU or RR)

3) AMRAP in 12 minutes:

  • 8 Overhead squats (115/75)
  • 8 Chest to bar pull-ups
  • Row 15 calories

Rest 4 minutes

AMRAP in 6 minutes:

  • 8 Ground to overhead (t-n-g, 115/75)
  • 8 Lunge steps with barbell overhead (115/75)
  • Run 100m

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