Tuesday Workout: Back Squat, OTM Work

If you were unable to make it to the Nutrition Challenge Kick-off but still plan to join, please email Scott about setting up a time to do the initial pictures and measurements at the gym this week. Thanks!
Also, reminder for Nutrition Challengers – Mitchell from Complete Nutrition will be at the gym starting at 4PM on Tuesday (Apr 12) to do the InBody Body Composition Test.  If you aren’t participating in the challenge, you are still welcome to use the scale when you come in!



Back Squat, 4-6 x 4 sets at 30X0 Tempo, rest 2 minutes between sets

*goal is to work a little bit heavier than sets last week if possible, but should not be hitting failure or technical failure (i.e. inability to maintain tempo in set)


Level 1


  • Burpee x 2-3
  • Wall Ball x 5
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing AHAP* x 6

*AHAP = as heavy as possible

Level 2

EMOM 12:

  • Deadlift (225/155) x 3
  • Burpee x 4
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 5

Notes: Scale up/down as needed on weight and reps.  You should not be working for longer than 45 seconds any given set – so scale reps if needed to keep the intensity  high, but make sure you are able to complete touch and go deadlifts with solid, consistent technique!  If not, scale to level 1 and do heavy russian swings.  Compare (sort of) to Here.


  1. Downtown Chili Showdown – Join us for a simply amazing day to support the kids and families of the Ronald McDonald House Charity Charlottesville! See the FB Event to RSVP and get more information.
  2. Gymnastics Class is back this week, Friday at 5:45PM!  Class will be held every other Friday until the end of May. See our online scheduler for our up-to-date class schedule.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Back Squat, OTM Work

  1. BS: 105×6, 115×6, 125×5, 135×5
    WOD: 135# DL, burpees w/ hands on 45# plates, 14# WB

  2. No BS
    Wod: 31-41s/rnd rx

  3. 155#
    :28ish each round @ 155#

  4. JJ
    6-5-4-3-2-1 of Hang Cleans at 135 and unbroken MU (kipped)
    Then 12m EMOM at Rx

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