Some of our favorite posts from March Social Media Madness, Plus the Winner!

Our social media campaign in March was aimed at providing a snapshot of what our members do in and outside of the gym.  To an outsider, CrossFit may just seem “intimidating” or “intense,” but there’s more to CrossFit than just a workout, a warehouse, a barbell and some bumpers.  It’s about the people!  We’re here to show people that and help them change their lives by becoming stronger, more fit, and more confident, and by helping them see how working out can be challenging and fun.  And we have three FREE classes each week where you can learn about us and try CrossFit for yourself.  At CrossFit Charlottesville, we welcome people of all ages and abilities, but more importantly we welcome people who want to open themselves up to a new challenge.

Below are some of our favorite posts submitted by our members on Instagram and Facebook during the month of March!  See below for the winner!

Megan R.

Joey M.

Joyce C. (featuring Kyle R.)

Felicia C.

Lex W.


Lauren B.


Jaclyn G. (I need to learn how to cook like this…)

Joey M.

Hannah H.

Sami T. (Featuring Kara D.)

Jaclyn G.

Morgan R.

Kate D.

Caitlin A. (Featuring Anna C.)


Shirley T. (Featuring Matt J, Jason W, and Chris B.)


And the winner is…..




*How did we pick a winner?  If you posted a picture during the month of March with the hashtags #thisiscrossfitcville #crossfitcharlottesville or tagged us on FB, your name went into a pool at the end of each week and we randomly chose a winner.

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