Tuesday Workout: Matt King Memorial WOD

Matt King’s shoes hang above us in the gym to remind us that life is too short to not be passionate, to not love, to not try new things and to not greet everyday with as much passion as the next.

Matt tragically died six years ago on April 19 while riding his bike on Main Street. We miss you Matt and we do this workout to celebrate your life.

Please feel free to come into the gym to workout with us, no matter who you are, during any one of our class times on our schedule.

Hero Workout “Matt King”

  • Run 400 m
  • Row 1000 m
  • Chest-to-Bar Pull-up x 19
  • Sandbag Walking Lunge x 19
  • Sandbag Front Squat x 19
  • Sandbag Back Squat x 19
  • Burpee x 19
  • Row 1000 m
  • Run 400 m

Notes: Scale chest to bar pull-ups to regular pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, or ring rows as needed.  Sandbag weight in pounds: something in the 50s for men, 30s for women.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Matt King Memorial WOD

  1. 24:12 (regular PUs, 34# sandbag)

  2. 17:40 (regular PU’s, 42# sandbag)

  3. 19:47- sub 800m run for row.

  4. 17:05

  5. 22:54 reg pullups

  6. 18:18 (sub all run, 50# bag)

  7. 16:03 w/ #68 sandbag

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