Wednesday Workout: Back Squat, Every 3 for 5 Sets



Back Squat, 4-6 x 5 sets, 30X0 Tempo


Level 1

Every 3 Minutes for 4 Total Sets:

  • Dumbbell Push Press x 10
  • V-Up x 10
  • Row x 10 Calories

Level 2

Every 3 Minutes for 5 Sets:

  • Shoulder to Overhead (115/85) x 9
  • Toe to Bar x 8-12
  • Row x 12-15 Cals
  • Rest for Remainder

Scale reps or weight on Shoulder to OH as needed so that you can maintain consistent output.  Aim to have at least 30-45 seconds of rest each set if possible.

*Record time for each set.


  1. Our friends at CrossFit SAW in Fishersville are hosting a fundraising event to support the Semper Fi Fund to honor the memory of a local marine, Sean Webster – Please read about the event on their Facebook page here.  Let’s get a big crew to show our support at this event!  EmailScott if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Back Squat, Every 3 for 5 Sets

  1. BS: 105×6, 115×6, 125×5, 135×4, 145×4
    No WOD

  2. 155
    1:34,1:31,1:30,1:30,1:29 (85#, 10 t2b, 12 cals)

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