Friday Workout: Deadlift, AMRAP 10

This weekend on April 24, four of our awesome members are competing in a strongwoman competition in Vienna, VA!  Show your support for Joey, Natalie, Dominique, and Emma by cheering them on this weekend, and wish them luck when you see them in the gym!  Info on the Competition Here: 2016 May Queen Strongwoman Competition



Deadlift, 5 sets x 3 reps, rest 2-3 minutes between sets

*First few working sets between 60 and 75%, only last set slightly above 80% (go 5-10 pounds heavier than 4×4 two weeks ago – see here)


Level 1


  • Row x 250m
  • Slam Ball x 15
  • Abmat Sit-up x 15
  • Hang Dumbbell Snatch x 10 (5/side)

Level 2


  • Row x 250m
  • Double Under x 20
  • Abmat Sit-up x 15
  • Dumbbell Snatch (55/35) x 10 (5/side)


  1. Our friends at CrossFit SAW in Fishersville are hosting a fundraising event to support the Semper Fi Fund to honor the memory of a local marine, Sean Webster – Please read about the event on their Facebook page here.  Let’s get a big crew to show our support at this event!  Email Scott if you have any questions.
  2.  Cheer on Joey, Natalie, Emma, and Dominique this weekend at the 2016 May Queen Strongwoman Competition! April 24.
  3. If you can’t make it up to watch the strongwoman competition on Sunday, consider supporting CrossFit 3XF in Fishersville at their fundraiser “Jumping for Jake”!

5 Comments on “Friday Workout: Deadlift, AMRAP 10

  1. DL: 265#
    WOD: 5 rounds for time w/ run – 15:20
    (at the 10 minute mark had done 3 + most of the run)
    55# is pretty heavy for my DB snatch, but managed to get it done today 🙂

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