Member Spotlight: Sierra



How long have you been doing CrossFit and what got you started?

I started CrossFit this past August — I had always played sports, so in college I was missing the structure that comes with participating in organized sports/athletic classes.

What is your favorite movement(s) in CrossFit?

Wall balls and running

What activity do you enjoy doing most outside of the gym? 


What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Charlottesville?

The community! No matter how long you have been doing CrossFit, everyone at the gym is super welcoming and always willing to help you!  : )

What advice would you give to someone considering CrossFit for the first time?

Just do it! The first few workouts point out all of your weaknesses and show you just how out of shape you are (even if you thought you were in good shape), but stick with it! Don’t harp on comparing yourself and your scores to others, just keep working towards your goals and it’ll all be worth it!


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