Monday Workout: Pull-up Work, Chipper



Pull-up Work, Week 6 Day 1 (Final Week):

Eccentric (0-4 reps)

  • 6 Sets: 5 x Eccentric Pull-up at BW (bodyweight) + 2.5%, rest 60 seconds between sets

*Each eccentric pull-up is done at a 5 second descent, with 5 second break between reps. Assist using partner! If you cannot maintain a 5 second descent, either use a partner or lessen the number of reps.  If possible, add 2.5% of your bodyweight using dumbbells or plates.

Volume (5-12 reps)

  • OTM 10: 35% of Max Rep Set + 1

*Add 1 rep to your normal 35% set, an perform this number of strict pull-ups on the minute for 9 minutes

Weighted (12+ reps)

  • 7 Sets: Max Reps (-2) @ BW+ 10%, rest 90 seconds between sets

*The (-2) means stay 2 reps shy of failure – shoot for 5+ reps each set but do not go to failure each round.

**This is the final week, and it’s a lot of volume so don’t get discouraged if you are having trouble completing the sets as written! Scale things back if you need to (i.e. if you fail a set on the volume work, take a minute off and then get back on it).  Do your best!  We’ll retest next week.


Level 1


  • Run x 600m
  • Wall Ball (12/6) to 9′ x 50
  • Burpee x 40
  • V-Up x 30
  • AMRAP DU Attempts or Singles in Remaining Time

Level 2


  • Run x 800m (or Row x 1000m)
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 60
  • Burpee x 50
  • Toe to Bar x 40
  • AMRAP Double Unders in Remaining Time

*Record total # of DU. If you do not make it to the DU record where you finished by the time cap.


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9 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Pull-up Work, Chipper

  1. Pu: L2: 2-3
    Wod: 17 t2b
    Cash out: emom 25 dus

  2. PUs: L2 – did 2 EMOM, except minute 9 was more like 1.4
    WOD: 50 DUs (10# WB, V-Ups)

  3. 7 sets of 4 @ 15#
    121 rx

  4. PUs: L2, 3 reps OTM
    WOD: 1 DU, w/V-Ups

  5. 143rx

  6. L2 Sets of 3, ended sets of 4
    6 RX

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