Wednesday Workout: Team AMRAP



In Teams of 2, AMRAP 25:

  • Row x 300m (teammates must use same rower)
  • Curtis P* (115/85) x 10
  • Pull-up x 20
  • Double Under x 60
  • Toe to Bar x 20

*Curtis P = Power Clean + Front Rack Lunge R + Front Rack Lunge L + Shoulder to Overhead

Notes: One person working at a time – teams must use the same rower.  Can sub 250m total run for row if necessary.

Level 1 Subs

  • Curtis P using Dumbbells
  • Ring Row
  • Single Under x 60 + 6 Burpees
  • V-Up

Advanced: Sub Chest to Bar or 10x Muscle up for 20 Pull-ups each set


  1. This Friday (May 20)! Our second Ladies night – WOD and Wine!  RSVP Here (open to anyone). Please note the regular 545pm class is canceled!
  2. Hike and Brewery Day – RSVP Here

6 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Team AMRAP

  1. With Megan: 4+331
    Megan: 75#, 15# weight V-up
    Joe: 115# x1 round, 105# for the rest, 2 Front Squats instead of lunges, 15# weight v-Up

  2. 4 rds solo in 17:40. Half reps. 1 min airdyne for row, GHD situps for t2b.

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