Tuesday Workout: AMRAP, Core Work

If you did “Murph” on Memorial Day, consider taking a rest day or at least move around and get some easy work in (go for a easy walk/run, hike, or get outside and play), or come into the gym and do some recovery work or dial back the intensity. Make recovery a priority this week!



Level 1


  • Slam Ball x 15
  • Row x 15 Calories
  • Jump Rope Single x 30
  • Burpee x 3

Level 2


  • Ground to Overhead (95/65) x 10
  • Row x 15 Cals
  • Double Under x 30

*If you want to run, sub 200m run for 15 cals


3 Sets:

  • Hollow Rock x 30 (or hollow body hold for 30 seconds)
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 20
  • Double Kettlebell or Dumbbell Overhead Hold (35s/20s) x 30 seconds*

*Scale to single arm hold, or hold in split stance.  Rest as needed between sets

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