Wednesday Workout: Team Chipper

The June “First-Friday” Potluck is this week at the gym!  Come hang out Friday after evening classes finish up (~630PM), bring something to throw on the grill and a side to share, and unwind after the week!  See you there: RSVP Here



In Teams of 2, Complete the Following For Time (see notes below):

  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 150
  • Kettlebell Swing (53/35) x 100
  • Burpee Box Jump (24/20) x 50

*At the start and every 2 Minutes thereafter, teams must complete 4 total “Man-Makers” (35s/20s).  One person working at a time.

“Man-maker” = Push-up + Row R arm + Row L arm + Squat Clean Thruster


  1. First Friday June Potluck!  June 3 – RSVP Here
  2. Yoga with Leslie! June 19 at 12:30PM at the gym – RSVP Here

6 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Team Chipper

  1. 13:26 solo (2 15# man-makers every 2 min, 10# WB, 30# KB, 20″ burpee box step-ups)
    Tried to pull the weights back a bit to make this more of a recovery WOD, but this was still pretty rough.

    • Half reps of everything else, too. I probably shouldn’t try to post right after finishing the WOD… 😛

  2. With Megan: 21:15
    Joe: 20″ Burpee Box Jump
    Megan: 10# WB, 15# Man Maker

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