Friday Workout: Diane

POTLUCK TONIGHT!  The grill should be fired up and ready to go around 630.  Bring something to throw on the grill and a side to share, and come hang out!


Spend ~10 Minutes on HS Skills (i.e. HS walks, holds against wall or freestanding, proper position on box, etc.)

WOD Prep

Take 3-4 sets to build to DL in sets of 4-6 reps to dial in technique


Level 1

15-12-9 reps of each for time:

  • Deadlift (135/95#)
  • Feet-on-Box Push-up

Level 2


21-15-9 reps of each for time:

  • Deadlift (225/135#)
  • Handstand Push-up

Compare here

4 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Diane

  1. 8:43, HSPU to one abmat
    HSPU the original GOAT

  2. 7:14 (knees on box)

  3. 7:31 (Rx DL, regular PUs)
    52 sec slower and did 2 abmat HSPU last time, but I’m pretty happy that I slowed down by less than a min. 🙂

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