Monday Workout: Benchmark WOD Karen


In 10 Minutes, build to heavy 3-rep Thruster from the floor

Notes: This is meant to act as a primer for the workout – go for a challenging set of 3 but not a max, and make sure you are resting around 90-120 seconds between attempts. If your position feels off, spend time between attempts staying mobile that you are efficient on the wall balls in the workout.

*Scale to 5×5 Dumbbell Thruster (1 set every other minute for 10 minutes)


Level 2


  • 150 Wall Ball Shots For Time (20/14) – to 10′

Level 1

For Time:

  • 100 Wall Ball Shots For Time (14/8) – to 9′

Compare to Here


AMRAP 6 (slow pace, not scored):

  • Row x 10 Cal
  • Double Under x 20 (or Jump Rope Single x 50)

Spend some time mobilizing hip flexors with the couch stretch of some variation – keep yourself feeling good for the rest of the week!


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10 Comments on “Monday Workout: Benchmark WOD Karen

  1. Thrusters @ 85
    8:01 (1:58 min. pr)
    -Did the first 25 unbroken then sets of 7-10

  2. Thruster: 85
    WOD: 8:46 (3:03 faster, but 4# lighter. Those 4#, plus several more, have been transferred to my stomach. 😛 )

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