Wednesday Workout: Team WOD

Head over to to cast your votes today.  Thanks to your support and nominations, we are in the TOP 5 for three separate categories under “Health and Fitness.” Thank you!  Best Niche Gym: CrossFit Charlottesville | Best Fitness Class: C’ville Burn | Best Personal Trainer: Scott Linton



17 Min Cap – In Teams of 2 (one person working at a time), Complete the Following:

  • Deadlift (135/95) x 60
  • Burpee over the bar x 30
  • Front Squat (135/95) x 60
  • Burpee over the bar x 30
  • Shoulder to Overhead (135/95) x 60
  • Burpee over the bar x 30

In Remaining Time, AMRAP of:

  • Ground to Overhead (135/95) x 10
  • Burpee Pull-up x 10

*17 Minute Time Cap. Score is number of rounds and reps on G2O/Burpee Pull-up AMRAP.  If teams do not complete work listed above in time cap, record total completed reps.  2-footed take-off and landing on bar burpees (can face any direction).

SCALING: Consider scaling using a kettlebell and dumbbells (kettlebell deadlift, goblet squat, dumbbell press). Team members can use separate barbells if loaded differently, and scale weight on specific movement as needed (i.e. 135# for Deadlifts, 95# for shoulder to overhead) – in this case you must change your plates out during the workout.


  1. Yoga with Leslie! June 19 at 12:30PM at the gym – RSVP Here
  2. Park WOD!  June 26, 9am at Darden Towe Park.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Team WOD

  1. 3 pull-ups shy of 1 round
    (solo, 1/2 reps, 77# DL + FS, 63# S2O + G2O, burpees to 20kg plates, burpee PUs split into reg. burpees and kipping PUs, tried to match rest time to working time)

  2. 3+17rx w/Cal

  3. With Megan: 1 + 10
    Me: DL @ 64 kg, FS @ 44 kg, S2O and G2O @ 40kg
    Megan: will have to fill this in herself because I totally forgot 😛

  4. 3+7 with Aaron at 155#. Rough, but a fun one

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