Monday Workout: Pull-up/Push-up Work, 3 Rounds

Thank you Leslie for running an awesome yoga class on Sunday!!



3 Sets: 1-4 Ladder of Strict Pull-ups and Strict Handstand Push-ups

*Each set must be unbroken, so scale appropriately.  This is not “For Time”, but should be performed with minimal rest between each set.  Scale pull-ups as follows: Strict –> Kipping –> Jumping Pull-up –> Ring Row.  For HSPU: Strict –> Heavy Db Press –> Push-up.  Each set you will do 1 pull-up and 1 handstand push-up, then 2 and 2, 3 and 3, and so on.  Once you complete the set of 4, restart at 1 for a total of 3 sets.

Scale reps or pull-up variation at a level that keeps it challenging for you (i.e. could do 4 sets of 1-3 ladder instead, etc.  Ask your trainer for scaling advice as you need it!).  If you are really proficient at these movements, consider adding weight to the pull-up and/or deficit to the handstand push-up.


Level 1

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Goblet Squat (moderate) x 10
  • V-Up x 15
  • Run/Row/DU (see notes)*

*Round 1 = Run x 250m, Round 2 = Row x 300m, Round 3 = Jump Rope Single x 50 + 5 Burpees

Level 2

3 Rounds for Time:

  • Front Squat (165/115) x 7
  • Toe to Bar x 15
  • Run/Row/DU (see notes)*

*Notes: Round 1 = 400m run, Round 2 = 500m row, Round 3 = 100 Double unders


Couch Stretch, 2 min/side


  1. Park WOD!  June 26, 9am at Darden Towe Park.
Head over to to cast your votes today.  Thanks to your support and nominations, we are in the TOP 5 for three separate categories under “Health and Fitness.” Thank you!  Best Niche Gym: CrossFit Charlottesville | Best Fitness Class: C’ville Burn | Best Personal Trainer: Scott Linton

8 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Pull-up/Push-up Work, 3 Rounds

  1. Strength: strict pullups, 25# db press
    Wod:12:25 (85#, laying on ground toes to rig)

  2. pullups w/ 35#/50# db press
    10.42 rx

  3. Strength: did 3 sets of 1-3 reps, strict PUs (except red band for sets of 3), “true” push-ups w/ feet and hands on parallettes
    WOD: 11:02 (85#, V-Ups, 2x row 500m)

  4. Pull Ups: strict
    Push Ups: 30″ Box

    WOD: 10:36 @140#, 20# V-Ups

  5. strict/kipping
    9:39rx (row, run, du)

  6. Pull-ups w/ 15# and strict hspu

  7. strict pullups, strict HSPU’s, one abmat

    11:08 @ 85#, otherwise, rx

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