Tuesday Workout: Clean, Back Squat, AMRAP



A. EMOM 10: 1 Squat Clean, start around 60% and build to a tough single with good form

B. Back Squat, 3 x 3, moderate/heavy

*Notes: Part A should be full squat, but scale to Power Clean + Front Squat as needed or start from the hang position.

~10 Minutes per strength movement.



  • Row for max distance*

*At the start and at the top of every minute thereafter, hop out of the rower and do 7 Kettlebell Swings (70/53, or choose weight you know you can do unbroken but is challenging). Meters that roll over each minute count towards total.

4 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Clean, Back Squat, AMRAP

  1. Clean: 60-120#
    Wod: 1071m @53#
    BS: 1×5 @ 105, 120#; 2×5 @130#

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