Thursday Workout: Push Jerk, Intervals



Every 90 Seconds for 5 Total Sets, Push Jerk x 5

Notes: If still learning the movement, scale to 3 Push Press + 2 Push Jerks each set.  Take bar from floor or from rack, and share bars as needed. Sets start at 0:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00.  Build in weight as able.  Go for touch and go reps if possible.


Level 1

3 Sets For Total Time:

  • Dumbbell Snatch x 10 (5/side)
  • Box Jump Step Down (18/12) x 12
  • Row x 20 Calories
  • Rest 2 Minutes

Level 2

3 Sets For Total Time:

  • Hang Power Snatch x 5*
  • Box Jump Step Down (24/20) x 15
  • Row x 25 Calories
  • Rest 2 Minutes

*Choose the weight on hang power snatch that you can complete the set unbroken (drop if needed and reset) and with solid technique.  If necessary, start lighter and build in weight each set.

Notes: Record total time (including rest intervals) and weight on HPS


This is the final week to vote for your choices in the “Best of C-ville”!  Please head over to to cast your votes today.  Thanks to your support and nominations, we are in the TOP 5for three separate categories under “Health and Fitness.” Thank you!  Best Niche Gym: CrossFit Charlottesville | Best Fitness Class: C’ville Burn | Best Personal Trainer: Scott Linton

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