Tuesday Workout: Pull-ups/Dips, Row, S2O, Row

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A. 5×5 Weighted Pull-ups
B. 5×5 Weighted Dips (parallettes on box)

Notes: This is a continuation of the work last week.  Climb to a heavy 5 for each for the day (heavier than last time if possible), or challenge yourself on your working variation. If you can not get all 5 drop the weight and finish the set out. Use a parter for scaled pull-ups and a toe nail spot for dips if necessary.  Rest about 90 seconds between sets or as needed.


Level 1

Complete the Following For Time:

  • Row x 350m
  • Push Press x 15
  • Row x 350m
  • Push Press x 15

*Use challenging weight on barbell or dumbbells for L1

Level 2

Complete the Following For Time:

  • Row x 500m
  • Shoulder to Overhead (115/85) x 20
  • Row x 500m
  • Shoulder to Overhead (115/85) x 20

*weight on S2O should be something that is tough for an unbroken set or something you might need to break into sets of 5 to 10 reps with short breaks between sets.


  1. CF CVILLE 7 Year Anniversary Party!!  RSVP HERE – we need numbers for food : )
  2. Ladies Night – WOD and Wine: July 22
  3. Yoga for CrossFit and Recovery with Leslie: July 24

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Pull-ups/Dips, Row, S2O, Row

  1. 25#\25#
    6:19 rx

  2. PU: supine ring rows
    Dips: box dips with heels in front
    WOD: 7:28 (55#)

  3. pull ups: EMOM10: 3 rep
    bw dips
    wod: 6:43 (65#)

  4. 20#/5#

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